Saturday, February 28, 2009

Snow Joke Half-marathon

Distance: half-marathon
Running Snow Joke is a great way to encourage yourself to get your winter mileage in. Given the time of year there is potential for ugly weather, but one perennial runner has assured me the weather is usually good. I'd recommend you hedge your bets and bring the extra layers anyways. The course starts by heading north on Hwy 83 for 5 miles of long rolling hills- should be clear of snow. Then you turn left onto a well used dirt road . Watch your footing when you turn off the highway, you're coming off a downhill and the turn can be icy! This portion of the course is flatter, but expect packed snow and ice. Depending on the year yaktrax may be helpful. The most notable hill is a gentle uphill starting at mile marker 12 until you get back on Hwy 83, about 1/4 mile from the finish. There are two aid stations, I think both had water and HEED. Since it isn't hot out this was plenty. The staging area is the elementary school gym, so there is a warm place to stretch and an opportunity to clean up post-race in the (child-size?) locker room showers. It is reasonably well organized with a low-key atmosphere- this is off-season racing after all.

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